Born and based in Sydney, Karolina Partyka is a Polish-Australian idea-led conceptual artist, investigating humanity’s place in the world at large, from the individual to the species itself, through installation, new media, and moving image work. Recent projects have included projection mapping, VR, solar-powered off-site installations, multi-channel moving image and audio, and chemical reactions.

Generating possible futures and immersing her viewers in alternate realities, Partyka builds imaginary worlds which ask more questions than they answer. Her work is influenced by current developments in technology and the space industry, science fiction, her Polish-Australian heritage, and our diminishing relationship to nature as humans, and the implications therein. She is driven by a desire to understand the world, finding previously invisible connections between disparate elements in our existence, ultimately seeking to contribute to our understanding of existence, and our place within it.

Partyka is currently studying a Master of Art at the University of New South Wales Art & Design, and was a finalist in the 2017 Kudos Awards. She is also a member of T-E-A-R group, a collective of artists engaging with environment and wilderness.