I recently got back from the Environmental Art Residency at Smith’s Lakes, north of Newcastle, run by Hayden Fowler and Melletios Kyriakidis.  

It was… transcendental. Something about the location combined with the group who took part created alchemy. Many of us felt triggered to explore themes of loss and trauma, and when we learned the heavy indigenous history of the area, our own emotional response to the place began to make sense. The artists poured their hearts into their work,  and much of what was created during the week was rich with meaning and vulnerability. 

I personally found the experienced forced me into a place of grace and acceptance with my creative process. I felt a self-imposed pressure to create something great during the week, and spent several of the first few days pushing and trying to induce an idea. It wasn’t until the last few days that I allowed myself to let that pressure go, and simply experiment. Ironically, this experiment ended up creating some pretty compelling results (quelle surprise).

I’ve called the project Ghost Lake. Here’s a sneak peak of some glitchy photographs I took, the results of a site-specific projected installation. 

The photographs were originally only intended to be documentation of the installation, but became an entity in their own right. Happy accidents are the magic in art!