Ceremonial Dissolving, 2017
Red desert sand, water, ink, dissolving stones, vine cuttings, netting, bowl, light

Ceremonial Dissolving continues to look at concepts explored in Ancestral Ritual, in the form of a physical installation that invites visitor interaction. It takes devices used in the original video work, such as the dissolving elements symbolising traumas, and reworks them into a more universal piece, a space for everyone to release their own individual traumas and burdens.

This piece creates a connection to nature indoors – a portal that invites the visitor to unburden. It contains a pool of black water, within a mound of red Australian dirt, and introduced species cuttings, with a net suspended above it, heavy with ‘stones’, in effect, symbolic burdens. The visitor is invited to take a stone from the net with intention, and place it in the water, allowing the object to dissolve via an endothermic reaction triggered by it’s immersion in water, lightening their burden in the process.

The piece speaks to the traumas of refugees and their descendants in Australia, as well as the traumas of our Indigenous peoples, as well as the wider traumas that every human bears. It is a mourning, a prayer, and a gift for all of us.