Land Mythologies, 2017
Archival digital prints


Created during a residency at Fowler’s Gap, 100km from Broken Hill, in the arid region of NSW, Land Mythologies is the result of a week spent wandering the harsh terrain, contemplating the white history of men scouring the land for gold, and other ‘precious’ elements, as well as the human tendency to create monuments and sacred structures in order to provide a conduit to our spiritual connection with the earth, nature, and the universe.

Being at Fowler’s Gap, a landscape littered with shattered rocks, with little else to draw the eye, I found myself wandering the land with eyes turned down, picking up interesting rocks, and ultimately scouring the land for things of value in somewhat of a similar way to how I imagined miners did. This photographic series takes my evolving understanding of the types of geologies present in the landscape, creating plein air dioramas, imagined places which hint at a conscious, human influence.

The photos, taken from a very low angle, create the impression of human-scale structures, implying inhabitants and mythologies, and hinting at the presence of the the spirits of the land.