Sun Emulation, 2016
Projection, glass, mirror-effect paint, acrylic paint

Sun Emulation is a projected animated light installation which aims to emulate the experience of watching a sunset glint against buildings, through purely artificial means. The work aims to call the viewer to agency by foregrounding an experience that many of us take for granted.

The piece imitates the experience of a real sunset, through two separate projected animations – one imitating the sky’s colours and tones as it moves through sunset, the other projection mapped to a partially-mirrored piece of glass suspended from the wall, imitating the pure golden reflection of the evening sun off buildings.

The work creates optical effects through colour, tone, and intensity, imitating a fleeting moment and creating a facsimile that at once creates an experience of awe, whilst reminding us that this, in fact, is not the real sunset.

The work aims to prompt the viewer to examine where they place value and what they prioritise in life. Does it make sense to spend time earnestly contemplating an imitation of a natural phenomena, that is ultimately inimitable? How often do we actually pause to take in a real sunset?

The work also seeks to de-code the structure of a sunset – to understand the devices in play that make it a moment that humans seek out and experience in an almost spiritual way.